Holy Cross women basketball athlete, Ashley Cooper, 20, transferred to NYU this year and filed a lawsuit that alleges that Holy Cross women’s basketball coach Bill Gibbons verbally, emotionally and physically abused her. Suit names Cooper, athletic director Richard Regan Jr., and associate athletic director Ann Zelesky as defendants.
[ Read the suit John F. Hill, Oct 16, 2013 ]

Louisville PRP High School Football Coach Jason Stinson was acquitted in the death of 15 year old PRP player, Max Gilpin.

Coach Stinson was facing reckless homicide and wanton-endangerment charges in connection with 15 year old Child Max Gilpin exertional heat-stroke death. Max wasn’t even old enough for a drivers license. He was a minor less than 18.

Coach Stinson was acquitted on all criminal charges September, 2009.

The Civil Wrongful Death Suit was settled out of court. During the Civil Wrongful Death Suit, Insurers for Jefferson County Public Schools and its employees agreed to pay ~ $1.75 million to the parents of 15-year-old Pleasure Ridge High School football player Max Gilpin, who died from heat stroke three days after he collapsed at a practice in August 2008.” []

Notice the difference in the charges in the Civil case, Cooper vs Coach Bill Gibbons Holly Cross et al, and the charges in the Max Gilpin death Criminal trial and Civil suit.

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