• When most Athletes play and are allowed to play for the love of the game
• Not for Athlete rewards, and/or, not out of fear, power and/or pleasure of the coach, parents, authorities and others
• and all concerned return to performing duties for Athlete Safety 1st
• Sports, Recreation and Exercise (SRE) violence, abuse and corruption will be diminished
• and the ‘Athletic Ideal’, for the benefit of Athlete’s Physical and Psychological wellbeing, will again prevail.
• It’s time to begin and restore the ‘Athletic Ideal’, ‘the Holistic Athletic Experience’ to Child and Youth Amateur Athletes, who participate in school and non-school SRE.
• “The ‘Athletic Ideal’ embodies the ‘Holistic Athletic Experience’ of Enhanced Body, Mind, Soul, Character, Productivity and Citizenship, facilitated by Athletic Competition.”
• Ancient Greece was the birthplace of this ideology, the Olympic ‘Athletic Ideal’. []

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