Child Abuse and Young Athlete Abuse and Cruelty Definition:
• Physical abuse
• Psychological or Emotional abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Exploitation
• Abandonment or Neglect
• Torture
• Confinement
• Cruel punishment.

“If child abuse is not the most serious crime facing our society today, it is certainly one of the most heart-wrenching.”

That applies to any venue or setting including Sports. Cherry Picking the setting or omitting a venue spares the crime and spoils the law. Every form of Child Abuse on every inch of ground is unlawful.

“States have unanimously responded with laws specifically designed to identify and punish child abusers.”

“Child abuse is an insidious type of crime where the victims are, for many reasons unable to, or are fearful of confronting or reporting the perpetrator to authorities.”

“The laws surrounding abusive activity contain an element not found in many other criminal statutes. Under the laws of many states, third parties with knowledge of, and reasonable cause to believe that abuse has occurred, are under a legal obligation to report the situation to the authorities.”

“In our society, many relationships are held in particularly high regard and communications in those relationships are given special protection. For example, third parties have “privilege,” or a rule, that prohibits the doctor, lawyer or clergy from revealing the content of any communications that take place within that particular professional relationship.”

However, that is negated under the child abuse laws. The Professional in such relationships must now report any known or suspected abusive behavior to the proper authorities.

“Every state requires doctors, teachers, day care providers and law enforcement officers to report child abuse.”
[Child Abuse laws – Information on the law about Child Abuse]


Russia short track speed skating head coach Korean Jang Kwon-ok and his assistants were fired for being too mean to athletes and for conflicts with Russia’s skaters’ union (SKR). The national team was under threat of losing talented athletes to injuries, and “Jang and [his assistant] Guang-Bok Choi’s emotional instability and cruel treatment of the athletes. Coaches fired after ultimatum.

The South Korean specialist was fired last week after he “betrayed the team’s interests”, Coaches were threat to the team,

“Despite many injuries to the athletes, they continued working with the national team according to the Korean formula ‘he who survives will be the champion,’.

Tests also showed that the athletes were tired and overworked, were often injured, but the Coach ignored the doctors’ recommendations. [The Moscow News by Evgeniya Chaykovskaya at 04/10/2011]


Coach Mike Leach, the most successful coach in Texas Tech football history, was fired after being accused of punishing receiver Adam James for not playing through a concussion. [Christian Science Monitor by Patrik Jonsson, Dec. 30, 2009]


“Dr. Karen Sutton pointed out the odds of a young female athlete suffering a serious ACL injury are about 8 or 9 times more likely than their males.”

“There’s no indication that wearing a protective knee brace or support wrap will do anything to reduce the odds of these injuries. Dr. Sutton did mention a number of exercises to be done, including the strengthening of the hamstrings, quad muscles.”
“But the high rate of ACL injuries occurs mostly due to the inherent structure of the female body.”

All in all, with all the progress that Title IX has made in the USA to guarantee equality between the sexes, it’s just very ironic that women end up having to deal with so many more knee injuries than males. [Ask Coach Wolff, ACL Injuries and Female Athletes: A Cruel Irony, by Rick Wolff on October 18, 2010]

The Cruel Irony of Title IX, more ACL Injuries in Female than male Athletes, is no mystery. Don’t overwork Female Athletes as if they were Male and cause Overuse ACL Injuries. Females are not made the same as males. Males are not modified for Birthing. Baby Delivery modifies the female body and results in collateral sports overuse injuries.

The interface of training and trainers, coaching and coaches, medical expertise and doctors is a triangular comprehensive model. In this instance, each is trying to comprehend what the other 2 are trying to accomplish. It is not active collaboration. Often they butt heads; it’s more comprehension than comprehensive.

Training of Female Athletes “that attempts to correct neuromuscular signals, endocrine and hormonal differences, limb and joint misalignment, muscle imbalance, joint inflexibility are challenging to downright impossible.”

Add to that the amateurish attempt to make a tall basketball player, with a long femur, training to play with the agility, while squatting, as short athlete. Overuse injuries result. Over the limit repetitions and exercise duration will cause overuse injuries in the above endeavors.

Muscle weakness and instability are conceivable, attainable, realistic, improvement training goals.


Youth Athletes incur specific overuse injuries as the result of growth. Strategies for preventing overuse injuries include
• Use of varied practice to reduce join stress and enhance learning.
• Planned Rest
• Gradual Progression
• Cross-Training” 5.

The potential for submaximal exercise knee and ankle loading and overuse injuries from excessive squatting repetitions and prolonged duration is significant. There appears to be greater female to male gender overuse loading differences during Squatting Movement Patterns.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries draw most of the knee injury attention. But let it be known that there are many other overuse knee injuries.

“Most ACL injuries occur during eccentric deceleration” from jumping, stopping or cutting. Squatting should be accomplished by sitting the players hips back, knees should stay over their toes, not in front, knees should not knock together.

Knees knocking together in front of the toes is improper. To re-learn squatting begin with the athlete sitting down in a chair and build to a squat, pushing back at the hips, not bending the knees. Knees that move inward are likely week. Girls are stronger in adduction (knocking knees together) than abduction (moving them away). 6.

When lifting weights, “short femurs are a blessing for squatting. They allow you to stay more upright at the torso and have less forward knee movement (mechanically disadvantageous). Forward knee movement shifts your center of gravity, has the potential to make you raise your heels and dump the weight forward. 7.

A long femur is problematic in this squatting basketball position just like weight lifting. The long femur shifts the knees forward beyond the toes for gravity balance and makes it more difficult than short femurs for side-to-side-slide for zone defense. Short femurs are a blessing for man-to-man-defense. Short athletic athletes are better at man-to-man defense.

During a dynamic single-leg squat Zeller and associates reported that female athletes had significantly
• greater ankle dorsiflexion,
• ankle pronation,
• hip adduction
• and hip flexion than males
• begin the movement in greater valgus alignment
• and remain in this alignment throughout the squat. 8.

Training errors and poor technique when combined with intrinsic gender physical characteristic differences contribute to Overuse Knee, Ankle and Hip Injuries. Squatting in man-to-man defenses repetitively for prolonged periods of excessive reputations can cause overuse injuries.

[Epidemiologic Patterns Overuse Injuries, The Physician and Sportsmedicine , May 1997, Nirschl Orthopaedic Center for Sports Medicine and Joint Reconstruction Arlington, Virginia] [Overuse Injuries in Children and Adolescents John P. DiFiori, MD THE PHYSICIAN AND SPORTSMEDICINE – VOL 27 – NO. 1 – JANUARY 1999] [Baquie and Bruckner BrJ Sports Med 1997;31:2-4 Overuse injuries: where to now?] [Epidemiologic Patterns Overuse Injuries,The Physician and Sportsmedicine , May 1997, Nirschl Orthopaedic Center for Sports Medicine and Joint Reconstruction Arlington, Virginia]

The Cruel Irony of Title IX, that there are more ACL Injuries in Female than male Athletes, is no mystery. Its just Cruel to overwork Female Athletes and cause Overuse ACL Injuries. Prevent Child and Youth Athlete Cruelty and their abuses.

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