Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome (CAAS) is a Short Title for a Clustering of Child (<18) or Youth (15-18) (United Nations definition is 15-24) Athlete Serious Injury, Disease and/or Death (morbidity and mortality) secondary to: ► Physical endangerment, maltreatment and/or abuse ► Psychological (Emotional) endangerment, maltreatment and/or abuse ► Sexual Abuse ► Failed child custodial protection ► Negligent care giving supervision ► Human rights violations ► That were inflicted, caused, created, or allowed to be inflicted, caused, created, directly or indirectly by the Problematic Coach, including the Strength Training, Conditioning and other specialty Coach, Problematic Parent or other Problematic Caretaker Person who has Child and Youth Athlete custodial protection, supervision, care and control during Sports, Recreation and Exercise Participation ► Additionally, other offenders, when discovered in the abuse narration, include colleagues and oversight administrators of Coaches who were involved in a Code of Silence and conspiracy to cover-up bad Coaching Behaviors and Child Athlete Endangerment and/or Sexual Abuse. ► Failure of mandated reporters report the morbidity and mortality to Authorities is Illegal. [1.] [6.] ► In most United States, Children are minors when less than 18 years of age. ► Child Athlete Youth Abuse (15-18). The United Nations define Youth as persons between the ages of 15-24. Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome and Cruelty to Children, medical-legal conditions, in SRE are matters of particular importance to Doctors and Health Care Personnel and should be priority and urgency matters of U.S. Federal and State Governments. CAAS summons all Doctors and Health Care Personnel into action for the Awareness and Prevention of these Child Athlete Preventable, Not-Accidental morbidities and mortalities. Likewise all Parents, Coaches, the entire Athletic Community, Athletic Program Administrators and government officials should be summoned. Most don’t heed the summons. Coaches, Parents and Doctors have been called-out as the primary culprits for these abnormal behaviors by conscientious, concerned Doctors and advocates for Prevention. See: SAVE CHILD ATHLETES FROM CRUELTY AND ABUSE: STOP COACHES, PARENTS AND DOCTORS FROM CROSSING THE LINE Facebook link: Everyone, including Doctors, Parents, Health Care Personnel, Coaches, and the entire Athletic Community will report and Pre-Pubescent and Adolescent Children will not delay and self report Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome, once they understand Child and Youth Athlete Rights, which will be made “Crystal Clear”, under the following amendment to CAPTA 2010 (Child Abuse Prevention and Reauthorization Act) Public Law 111-320, and when it becomes Public Policy following complete proper promulgation, announcement and dissemination.

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