You know who some of them are. They know who they are. Many are cruel-to and continue-to terrorize their Child and Youth Athletes. When they loose, some say their team needs to get “tougher”. It couldn’t be that the Coaching system is wrong! Or could it?

It would be horrific to have a child, that you have carefully reared from birth, maimed with a chronic, life-long physical or mental disability because a Problematic Coach behaved recklessly during Sports, Recreation and Exercise conditioning and play with your Child Athlete and did not implement proper Child Protection and Supervision.

Parents should make sure that their child signs-up to play for a mentor, reputable, trustworthy Coach with Good Character in a SRE Activity to ensure the Child Athlete gets the Positive Benefits of SRE.

Make sure you vet the Coach and your Child Athlete’s potential Coach has played the Sport he/she intends to Coach, has had a background check, has a high School Degree, and knows something about human growth and development.

What makes a Coach so small inside that the Coach would exploit the Coach-Athlete Power Gap and Endanger, Maltreat and Abuse and intimidate, humiliate, demean and belittle Child and Youth Athletes? The following are a few of the Coach’s failings:
• Coach’s Primitive Instincts
• Physical Inferiority
• Psychopathology / Mental Illness
• Abnormal Sexual Preference
• Domination Control
• Empowerment

These abnormal Coach characteristics are supported by

• Learned Negative Behaviors
• Win-At-All-Costs Attitudes
• Money-At-All-Costs
• Society’s approval of Negative Coaching Customs
• Society’s systems that are in crisis

Why has society abandoned the Olympic Ideal and implemented the Roman Gladiator malice in Sports, Recreation and Exercise (SRE)? Why has society failed to foster Sportsmanship during play, among Coaches, on the sidelines, in the stands, the communilty and media?

Roman Gladiators fought to survive and live to fight another day. Drill sergeants prepare soldiers to kill during war. Injury and Death were/are the objectives of Gladiators and Soldiers, but not Athletes.

Coaches should operate with the Olympic Ideal. Coaches should be teachers, ethical role models and mentors. They should prepare Child and Youth Athletes to win with Character and Humility and lose with Dignity. Coaches should teach the positive aspects of SRE and develop the Good in Children and Youth Athletes.

Many of today’s Coaches act like drill sergeants, not mentors.

The age of minority is the age for development of immature minds, souls and bodies and also the age of innocence, vulnerability, and susceptibility to Abnormal Coaching Behaviors.

Until the Coach’s Role as Temporary Substitute Caretaker is completely understood as stated in Federal and State Child Protection Laws and Public Policy, flawed Coaching methods will continue.

SRE events come with customs, traditions, hype, gatherings, parties, tailgating, standings, trophies, and championships to name just a few.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson was an example of an annual event that was rewarded with a twisted, disturbing prize, similar to many of today’s SRE events and their costs to Children and Youth Athletes. The prize winner was stoned in Jackson’s shor story.

Unfortunately, the winds or change are slow for deep rooted customs and traditions. Multiple Tragedies and martyrdom are often the impetus for drastic changes. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is one such example.

Unfortunately, injury epidemics, scourge and deaths of Child and Youth Athletes will be the thrusts for the drastic change from the Rule of Gladiators. At least now the conversation has begun, the elephants in the locker room showers have been named and problematic definitions are in place. The condition is now called Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome.

Until the Coach’s Role as Temporary Substitute Caretaker (TSC), or Parent on the Field, and Child Protection Laws are completely understood as connoted in Federal and State Child Protection Laws and TSC becomes General Public Policy, Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome will continue in epidemic proportions.

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