Athletic Scholarships and Playing College Sports

• “8 million high school student-athletes [2017]
• 520,000 (6.5%) college student athletes (NCAA DI, II, III, NAIA, NJCAA, NCCAA)
• ~ 138,000 athletic scholarships available (NCAA DI and DII)
• ~ 140,000 (25%) of college student-athlete play Division I, 75% play at DII, DIII, NAIA, or NJCAA.
• < 1% of high school student-athletes receive full athletic scholarship
• average athletic scholarship = $11,000
• NCAA Division III Schools don’t offer athletic scholarships but offer Merit Scholarships and athletic ability could play role.”

“NCAA maximum scholarship number offered for NCAA Division I Football is 85, NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer is 14.

“Head Count Sport scholarship limit is absolute, and student-athletes receiving awards cannot exceed this number. NCAA Division I Football program cannot have more than 85 scholarship players on their roster. Head Count Sports are only for NCAA Division I sports.

“Equivalency Sport scholarships can be divided into partial scholarships into any proportion up to the maximum allowed. NCAA Division I Baseball team can offer up to 11.7 scholarships divided anyway they would like. A baseball team typically has a roster of 25 – 30 players.

[Athletic Scholarships 101 see the entire report @ the following link: Posted on 28 April 2017 by guidingfuturestars ]

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