Congressman George Miller Releases FBI Correspondence on USA Swimming Sexual Abuse by Irvin Muchnick

Published on Oct 22, 2014

On October 22, 2014, Concussion Inc.’s Irvin Muchnick (contact at: and Tim Joyce discuss a breakthrough in federal investigations of USA Swimming sexual abuse and cover-up. Further info:

If victims, witnesses, coaches, doctors and anyone with knowledge do not REPORT the crime, Child and Youth Athlete Abuse will rampantly continue. Most Reporters surface during victims’ adulthood. Another dynamic, possibly unknown to many, is that some believe sexual activity, alone or in pairs, drives internal naturally secreated athleteic performance hormances and neurontransmitters, testosterne, cortisol, dopamine etc. I do not have evidence to support or refute the claim, but some believe and, as you can imagine, convince others, even if not true.

Child and Youth Athlete Sexual Abuse is a horrific battleground i.e. sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, gonnorrhea, D and C’s, herpes, incompetant cerviix etc. pregnancy.

Government probe of sex abuse prevention in Olympic sports went nowhere, By Will Hobson February 20 2016, Washington Post [Government probe of sex abuse prevention in Olympic sports went nowhere, By Will Hobson February 20 2016, Washington Post ]

GAO Report May 29, 2015 [YOUTH ATHLETES: Sports Programs’ Guidance, Practices, and Policies to Help Prevent and Respond to Sexual Abuse, GAO-15-418: Published: May 29, 2015. Publicly Released: Jun 29, 2015. Government Accountability Office


Rep. George Miller, Nancy Pelosi’s strong right arm and one of the top Democratic legislators of his generation, is stepping down at the end of this year after four decades in Congress.

III (born May 17, 1945) was a former U.S. Representative, serving in Congress from 1975-2015. He is a member of the Democratic Party. From 2007 to 2011, Miller served as chairman of the Education and Labor Committee. On January 13, 2014, Miller announced that he will retire from Congress at the end of his current term
[Rep Miller to retire the end of 2014, by David Rogers 1/13/14, Politico]

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