The Culture and Society of Somalia, on the East Coast of Africa, accept as Normal the Violation of Human Rights and the victimization, starving and rape of women and children in their unrestrained, Male Dictatorial Nation.

Despicably, some of the Bottom Line, Win-At-All-Costs, Dysfunctional U.S.A. Cultures and Societies, accept as Normal the Physical and Psychological (Emotional) Endangerment, Maltreatment, Sexual Abuse and Human Rights Violations of Child and Youth Amateur Athletes.

“It’s just part of the game.” That is BS. Child and Youth Athletes are not just “little macho adults” equipped with the mental and physical capacities of Adult Athletes.

Sports accidents happen while playing by the rules of the games in safe sports environments with proper coaching Athlete Protection, Supervision and Coaching Conduct. These kinds of Injuries and Deaths are Accidental and Not Preventable and inherent and natural to the games athletes play.

But direct or indirect Physical and Psychological (Emotional) Maltreatment and Endangerment and Sexual Abuse of a Child and Youth Athlete by a Coach resulting in Serious Injury and/or Death is Unlawful. These incidents are Preventable, Not-Accidental and Not Natural and Not Inherent to the Game Being Played by the Athlete.

About 8,000 Athletes less than 18 years old are treated DAILY in U.S. Emergency Departments. According to authorities, 50% are Preventable and Not-Accidental.

Thus, 4,000 emergencies daily need be eliminated with improved safeguards, because they are Preventable and Not-Accidental.

As far back as 1981 Dr. Edwin R. Guise and Dr. Richard M. Ball understood and described the problem in our society and coined the terms “Socially Approved Athletic Child Abuse” and “Battered-Child-Athlete-Syndrome” [Weekly World News, Jan 20, 1981, Health News]

Today, the problem can be illustrated in the following equation. The Detrimental Determinant Risks, A + B + C + D, are the Risks that often result in DANGROUS CHILD AND YOUTH SPORTS and Child and Youth Athlete Abuse Syndrome (CAAS).


DANGEROUS SPORTS, Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome, CAAS, a short title for the entire Clustering of Pathologies, serious injuries and Deaths from Athlete Physical and Psychological Endnagerment and Maltreatment and Sexual Abuse and Amateur Athlete Human Rights Violations.

A. Child and Youth, nowadays, contrasted to their fathers and grandfathers years ago, are often Obese, Indoor Inhabitants, entertained by Electronic Devices, surrounded in Air Conditioning and basically Sedentary. An estimated 60% of Children go outside to participate in a Sport, Recreation and Exercise, and then return to their air conditioned environment. The other 40% don’t participate. Child and Youth, nowadays, are not outdoor people, for the most part, and are not acclimated to extreme weather conditions like fathers and grandfathers, before them.
B. Bottom Line, Win-At-All-Costs Dysfunctional Sports Community i.e.
School Boards, School Officials, Fans, Media, Parents, Sports Medicine Doctors, High School and University Athletic Associations and Federations etc. are focused on the bottom line, win-at-all-costs, sports scholarships, notoriety and the bottom line. They are not focused on an Athlete Centered Sports System. It’s not about the Athlete.
C. Toss in the mix a Coach who is a Hardnosed, Coercive, Win-At-All-Costs, Yelling-Screaming Problematic Coach. He/she is the kind of Coach who crosses the line and pushes and punishes Child and Youth Athletes beyond their Physical and Emotional Limits that results in Preventable and Not-Accidental Injuries and Deaths. Some Coaches Sexually Abuse Child and Youth Athletes and violate their Human Rights.

The Problematic Coach can be a Bully, an intentional Tough Man Act or the Transference from a Former Sinister, Nasty, Bullying Couch who Coached him/her from during their sports participation experience.

Thankfully, the majority of Coaches are calm, trustworthy, teachers and mentors. But the Problematic 20%, as with any profession, are dramatic cause for concern.
D. Drastically Different Inside and Outside Environments exist nowadays. Global Warming appears to be a reality because there are increased numbers of hot days each year. Days seem hotter overall. Air Pollution has increased. Athlete Safety Standards are now recognized and penned, but often ignored and overlooked by Problematic Coaches.

The U.S. has been blessed with many fine upstanding Coaches. Most are mentors teachers, guides, counselors, sponsors, advisors, and role models. The Athlete learns athletic skills and knowledge about the games they play from these types Coaches. This Great Coach develops a lasting open relationship with the player and has a positive influence on Athletes’ lives after sports, life long.

Advocates and government are most likely to change C. the Hardnosed, Coercive, Win-At-All-Costs, Yelling-Screaming, Problematic Coach than change A. B. or C.

The Coach, who is unaware, should be Educated about Child Abuse Rules of Law, Proper Child Custodial Protection and Supervision and the Coach-Athlete Fiduciary Trust and Relationship, and Proper Coaching Conduct. Coaches should fend off inducements from Bottom Line, Win-At-All-Costs Dysfunctional Sports Community and be vigilant, look out for themselves.

The Coach should implement the 4 R’s of Coaching:
1, Respect Athlete Humanity
2. Accept the Responsibility for the Safety, Health, Care and Welfare of Athletes
3. Develop positive Relationships with Athletes
4. Offer positive Recognition of Athletes after successfully attempting and/or completing an assignment and offer positive Recognition for a job well done. A Pat On The But Goes A Long Way.

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