“Brain injury may lead to pedophilia….and associated neurologic abnormalities.”

[Hypersexuality or altered sexual preference following brain injury., B L Miller, J L Cummings, H McIntyre, G Ebers, and M Grode, J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 1986 August; 49(8): 867–873. PMCID: PMC1028946]

Do Brain Injuries Unleash Coach and Athlete Pedophilia?

“In other words, after a brain injury, a man may no longer effectively suppress sexual desires he has already long had, and he may lose the ability to stop himself from harming others he sexually desires.”

New Brain Scan Reveals Concussion Effects

“Traumatic brain injury has also been linked to a decrease in libido and sexual function. About half of traumatic brain injury patients report a decreased libido and/or erectile dysfuction, according to Better Health Channel. This chart shows the full range of possible sexual problems following a traumatic brain injury, from forgetting to use contraception to visiting prostitutes.

“Of course, traumatic brain injury and chronic traumatic encephalopathy are different, and there are other layers of complexity clouding the issue: not everyone shows symptoms of CTE, for example.

“But all this does leave me wondering whether we need to consider the possibility that sports head injuries can cause a much wider range of life-altering effects than is now being openly discussed,” Dreger concludes.

[Could Brain Injuries Unleash Pedophilia? by Sheila M. Eldred Jul 25, 2012, Human]

“Developmental reports of childhood head injury further support this claim, as pedophiles are more likely to have experienced head trauma at an early age.”

[Pedophilia and brain function, Po Liu1 1Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia Edited by: Kaitlyn Goldsmith, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia. Received for review January 2, 2012, and accepted March 11, 2012.]

The present investigation sought to identify which brain regions distinguish pedophilic from nonpedophilic men, using unbiased, automated analyses of the whole brain. T1-weighted magnetic resonance images (MRIs) were acquired from men who demonstrated illegal or clinically significant sexual behaviors or interests (n = 65) and from men who had histories of nonsexual offenses but no sexual offenses (n = 62).

Sexual interest in children was assessed by participants’ admissions of pedophilic interest, histories of committing sexual offenses against children, and psychophysiological responses in the laboratory to erotic stimuli depicting children or adults. Automated parcellation of the MRIs revealed significant negative associations between pedophilia and white matter volumes of the temporal and parietal lobes bilaterally. Voxel-based morphometry corroborated the associations and indicated that the regions of lower white matter volumes followed, and were limited to, two major fiber bundles: the superior fronto-occipital fasciculus and the right arcuate fasciculus.

No significant differences were found in grey matter or in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Because the superior fronto-occipital and arcuate fasciculi connect the cortical regions that respond to sexual cues, these results suggest (1) that those cortical regions operate as a network for recognizing sexually relevant stimuli and (2) that pedophilia results from a partial disconnection within that network.

[Cerebral white matter deficiencies in pedophilic men James M. Cantor et al Journal of Psychiatric Research Volume 42, Issue 3 , Pages 167-183, February 2008 24 October 2007]

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