Football is played with many scientific principles.
• One basic purpose of a modern-era football quarterback is to pass the football and, when throwing a pass, “to throw the ball as accurately as possible”
• Many forces are involved in the action a well-thrown, tight-spiral pass.
• When the football passing arm is cocked in throwing position, the wrist must be cocked, when the arm is cocked back in the pronation position and uncocked to mid-supanation position when the football us unloaded.
• Cock the bottom end of the ball outward at a 45 degree angle off the body (see the image below), making sure that the point away from you doesn’t go above parallel to the ground.
• Do an over-the-shoulder tricep extension.The elbow ends up about 6 inches forward of your shoulder “in a slot called the angle of the scapula before moving the arm forward and releasing the football.
• “Aerodynamics are the forces experienced by a football moving through the air, (“like a Missile”).
• QB arm and body motions create the football’s aerodynamic momentum that overcomes the effects of gravity’s downward pull and forward velocity air resistance on the football,
• Tight spirals create a competent, skilled aerodynamic football flight.
• Tight spinning spiral football passes, spinning about the long axis of the football, spiraling aerodynamically, allows the football to travel greater distances and with much more accurately for both long and short passes.
• Wobbling football passes won’t get the job done and are not the “right direction” for passes if uncorrected.
• Someone must know how to identify the problem and correct it.
• i.e former QBs and students of the game, can usually accomplish the task.
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