Great Coaches and Great Parents are similar. Both can dramatically influence the lives of children and youth. Both are teachers, guide, counselor, sponsor, advisor, and role models. Both teach children the values of life and living. Both can mentor a child into becoming a star, role model and a hero for many generations.

Great Coaches and Great Parents prepare children’s careers with the importance of academics, education and preparation for employment opportunities and demonstrate their constant wisdom. Both will earn children and others’ trust, which is the foundation for teaching successful living and fair play.

Great Coaches and Great Parents develop lasting open relationship with children and youth by listening and being attentive-to children’s concerns and needs and motivates children with encouragement and support.

Both must teach achievement while developing children’s characters. Frequent positive feedback during teaching builds children’s self-esteem and boosts children’s morale.

Negativity, dishonesty, disrespect, foul language, mocking, heckling, insulting, immorality, scorn, disgrace, discrimination for other teams, coaches, politicians and other persons, places and things breeds mistrust, immorality, fear, uncertainty, doubt and poor citizenship among other negative attributes to children and others.

A Great Coach and Parent build good character in children when the Coach and Parent are good characters themselves; doing and coping with life and mistakes, finally over themselves, learning the good doing themselves, and then filled with child-centered mindfulness, reflecting, teaching and reacting from a voice of wisdom. [Mental Health “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Program Performance and Evaluation Office, October 4, 2013]

Advocacy: “Nobody gets through, doing mental life a 10, on a coping scale of 1 to 10.” [TJM] “In psychology, coping means to invest one’s own conscious effort, to solve personal and interpersonal problems, in order to try to master, minimize or tolerate stress and conflict. Doing life, while coping, generally refers to adaptive, constructive, coping strategies, which reduce stressors and adversity, the stimuli for survival. Sixty-five + years of doing life and coping and then reflecting and researching are fundamental to advocacy from a voice of wisdom. [Mental Health definition, “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Program Performance and Evaluation Office, October 4, 2013]

Great Coaches and Parents should aim high and develop more great leaders. “Great leaders are humble enough to ask for input and advice, wise enough to distinguish the right path from the wrong one, and most importantly, are brave enough to take it.“ [Amy Fast, Ed.D.‏ @fastcrayon]

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