• A massive star, 20x size of our solar system sun exploded → supernova
  • Star fragments collapsed and were pulled by extreme gravitational force into black hole
  • Gravitational force was so strong everything pulled together into single spot (singularity) → zero size + infinite density inside black hole [PFI, Physics]
  • Suddenly singularity violently exploded with Big Bang. [Hawking, Stephen. “The Beginning of Time, Stephen Hawking: The Official Website. Cambridge University. 26 December 2012]
  • Big Bang Thermal Furnace became extremely hot
  • After a Creation Intervention, when the ambient temp and energy were perfect for binding energy, different from the natural progression of element formation, but necessary for nuclear fusion of deuterium nuclei, CHNOPS Creation began and was completed
  • 2Billion K° (1,200,000,000° Kelvin) (2,159,999,540.3 °Fahrenheit)
  • 8 x 10-14joules = photon energy [Prof. Barbara Ryden( 2003 Mar 12]
  • All the elements, CHNOPS, (Periodic Table), necessary for life in our Universe and Cellular Oxygen ‘Respiration’ were Created at the Universe age between 2 minutes to 20 minutes, after the singularity Big Bang, 13.8 Billion years ago,
  • Human Life begins, when and where Cellular Oxygen (O) ‘Respiration’ begins, at fertilization, aka Conception of Life, in the mitochondria of the one cell Zygote.
  • Humans are Created partially from stardust.
  • “Humans share most elements with the stars, but the proportions of those elements differ between humans and stars.”. [Humans Really Are Made of Stardust, and a New Study Proves by Elizabeth Howell, January 10, 2017,]

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