It is illegal for Coaches to push and punish Child Athletes (<18) beyond their physical and psychological limits and endanger, maltreat them from abnormal, unethical behaviors and activities causing severe injuries and deaths to Child Athletes that are Preventable, Not Accidental and Not Natural or Inherent to the games Child Athletes play during conditioning, practice and play i.e. Concussion Mismanagement, Exertional Heat Stroke, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) during Air Pollution Alert, Rhabdomyolysis, Physical Assaults, Overuse Stress Fractures, Planter Fasciitis, Ankle, Knee, Hip and other Overuse Injuries, (OI) Overtraining Syndrome (OTS), Playing While Injured, Size and Age Mismatch, Lightening Death during play, Emotional Abuse, PTSD, No or an inadequate Pre-participation Physical Examination and many other conditions. Children will and do confide in their Doctor. Doctors are mandated Reporters and have the duty to report All Forms Child Athlete Abuse to the County Attorney and Child Protective Services (CPS) or face potential charges of Failure to Report and Malpractice if other children become victimized by the same offender. Only 3% of Doctors were found to have reported any form of Child Abuse to Authorities. That is Disgraceful Non-Reporting. Abusive Coaches need be Reformed or driven out of Sports. Doctors need be held accountable. A Report is a call for investigation by Authorities. Think Athlete Safety 1st.

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