Children (<18) and youth (15-24 UN) should join organized, sanctioned, amateur school and non-school sport, recreation and exercise (SRE) teams, that have proper adult supervision and rules and regulations for extracurricular activities. the Benefits of SRE teams are many. Children and youth should learn how to safely use firearms. Children and youth should safely become proficient in martial arts. Idle youth adults can join the military and protect our country. Idle youth adults can join the police force, train, some can stop protesting and protect our neighborhoods and make a difference, says Dallas, TX police chief, David Brown. Following the Dallas police massacre, 500 employment applications were submitted to the Dallas police department. Hard work, self-discipline, dedication and determination pay off and build character, success, self-esteem and pleasure. Join A Team. Not A Gang. Stick Together. Make A Difference. Join organized, amateur, sanctioned teams. Develop heroic self-esteem. Don’t waste your life on gang pipe dreams. Offering only unattainable, fanciful hope, Sustained by endless rounds of dope, That eventually result in illegal schemes Thanks to the Miami Dade Police Department, who kicked off their annual "Join-a-Team, Not-a-Gang program on Tuesday, October 10, 2006. This program is a cooperative effort, which includes Miami Dade Public Schools, the University of Miami Athletic Department, and Florida Power & Light Company. The program gives out a "Most Improved Student Award". Each hard working student will get a chance to visit a University of Miami football practice, a tour of athletic facilities, and a chance to meet the University of Miami football coaches and student-athletes.