No man, boy, woman or girl should hit another anywhere, particularly in the head. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Serious Traumatic Brain Injury are misleading diagnoses, because a brain Injury is a brain injury.

Both Mild and Serious Traumatic Brain Injuries can develop acute symptoms and manifest signs of injury and chronic, persistent disabling symptoms and signs, from a mild slap “up the side of the head” to a punch or a target with a football helmet, hockey stick etc.

Men, boys, women and girls, who accost and hit another person, should take heed. Self-defense by the victim, which might be more than bargained-for by the assailant, is a universally accepted principle. In addition, the assailant risks prosecution depending on the morbidity and/or mortality of the assailed.

U.S. citizens, including politicians and television producers, need to “gather themselves” and eliminate uncouth, foulmouthed, impolite behavior and thuggery and manifest restraint, dignity, gentlemanliness and ladyness; not to mention underage drunkenness in this case. I recommend Emily Post’s Etiquette for “beginners”.

This post concerns an Oklahoma University football player punching a woman, Sept 14, 2014 in self-defense, according to interpretation of the news reporter’s account.

See the news report and account of incident demonstration by reporter:

[Surveillance video of assault incident involving OU football player shown to media
Video of Joe Mixon screened by Norman Police Department, cameras not allowed, TV, Oklahoma City] Sep 04, 2014]

[Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryToward Understanding Manifestations and Treatment
David Kushner, MD, Arch Intern Med. 1998;158 (15):1617-1624. doi:10.1001/archinte.158.15.1617. JAMA Internal Medicine]

“Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon reached a plea deal this week to avoid going to trial on the misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury.

“Mixon entered an Alford plea, which allowed him to continue asserting his innocence. He was handed a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and behavior counseling.

After the incident, Mixon was suspended from football-related activities for one year.

“Today, Joe has made the decision that entering an Alford Plea to the misdemeanor and accepting the short period of probation was the best course of action at this point in his life,” the statement read. “Joe does not want to be a further distraction to his family, friends, teammates, and the University of Oklahoma.

“Joe would like to apologize to everyone affected by this unfortunate chain of events. Joe looks forward to continuing towards his goal of becoming a successful student and athlete at the University of Oklahoma.” [“Mixon’s attorney, Kevin Finlay]

Joe Mixon had a very successful 2015 season for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Oklahoma Sooners Stats – 2015

Joe Mixon 113 753 6.7 66 (TD) 7

Joe Mixon 28 356 12.7 76 (TD) 4
[Oklahoma Sooners Stats – 2015, ESPN]

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