The NCAA Message following Penn State Football’s Sanctions for the Sexual Abuse Tragedy appears to be the following:

Child Abuse and Child Human Rights Violations and Cruelty to Children are not permitted by Coaches because Coaches are legally included among “Temporary Substitute Caretakers” while they have Custody and Control of Children during Sports, Recreation and exercise activities. [1.]

However there has been Advocacy, Education, Leadership and Duty failure by the following systems in crisis [2.]:

• Doctor, Health Care Personnel and Citizen Reporting
• Medical and Law Schools
• Attorney Guidelines and Standards
• Law enforcement
• Criminal Justice System
• Public Health
• State and Federal Governments
• Child Welfare Systems
• School and Non-School Athletic Associations and Federations
• Deficient Caretaker Language Definition of Child Abuse Prevention and Reauthorization Act 2010 Section 3. Paragraph 2.

Verbal and signed Permissions to Participate in Sports, Recreation and Exercise (SRE) and other activities granted by Parents and Guardians do not permit unlawful behavior such as Physical, Psychological and/or Sexual Abuse and Gross Negligence.

1. [ ]
2. [Surgeon General’s Workshop on Making Prevention of Child Maltreatment a National Priority: Implementing Innovations of a Public Approach, Surgeon General’s Workshop Proceedings Lister Hill Auditorium National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland, March 30–31, 2005]

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