The Athlete Safety 1st Team supports Student Athlete Centered Football Programs (and all Sports Programs), whose Athletes play for the love of the game, not out of fear of the Coach and other negative motavational reasons and Student Athletes who strive for academic excellence, their college degrees and are enriched by the Positive Qualities of football participation. We are opposed to the Sacrifice of the Athlete’s Mind, Body and Soul for Win-At-All-Costs, Money-At-All-Costs Corrupt Sports Systems.

Promote Child Athlete Safety and Coaching Excellence. Understand the Coach-Child Athlete Legal Relationship.


Child Athletes are less than 18 years of age in most states and Participants, Sportspersons, Contestants, Competitors, Players and Team Members in Sports, Recreation and Exercise. (SRE)

SRE activities include organized and unorganized Sports, Recreation and Exercise activities at home, away from home, indoors and outdoors. [Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National]

“Participation in Sports, Recreation, and Exercise (SRE) is increasingly popular and widespread in American culture. SRE activities include Organized Sports (school or club) and Unorganized Sports (backyard or pick-up), such as basketball, football, and hockey; Recreational Activities, such as boating, biking, skiing, swimming, and playground activities; and Exercise and Training activities, such as weight-lifting, aerobics, and jogging.

“Participation in SRE activities contributes to health-related fitness; however, the risk of injury is inherent in any physical activity.

“The importance of the presence and training of coaches and certified athletic trainers should be examined, as should be the roles of parents and physicians in preventing injury in organized sports. [National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sept 7, 2006]

Concussion injuries are examples of the types of injuries that should be prevented.

Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to Coaches, Parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. [Injury Prevention & Control: Traumatic Brain Injury, Oct. 24, 2012 National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

Heat illness is another example. “The CDC says parents and coaches could reduce emergency room visits by taking special steps to prevent young athletes from succumbing to the heat — timely advice while much of the nation has been coping with a heat wave [Bill Hendrick, Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD 05/30/12, Heat Illness Sends Thousands to ER Each Year, in Health]

Weight training is another example. “This article provides practical advice on healthy exercise prescription for children. There is growing scientific evidence about the abilities and limits of child athletes in both recreational and competitive environments. As exercise becomes essential for the prevention of illness and maintenance of health, the counseling for an exercise prescription requires enhanced knowledge. The latest recommendations on safe strength, resistance and weight training are presented in a concise format for office use.

Cheerleading is another example. “Every Child in the Pediatric Cheer and Athlete Group is covered by the Umbrella of Child Protection Law on every inch of ground, or in every venue, during every nanosecond of time. That Umbrella is passed from Caretaker to Caretaker as Children pass from one venue to another. Children are never without the Umbrella of Child Protection Law, until they reach the age of adulthood, 18 in most states. Children are never without a Caretaker during their journey to adulthood even in Sports, Recreation and Exercise. The Coach becomes the Temporary Substitute Caretaker (TSC) when in custody and control of the Child. [ American Academy of Pediatrics and Cheerleading Injuries]

“Sports injuries comprise 18% to 39% of school-aged children visits to their physician, admissions to the emergency room as reported on sport-specific surveys. The incidence has increased 10-fold over the past 10 years as organized and recreational sport has gained popularity. The majority of injuries are overuse syndromes stemming from training and technique errors in conditioning programs. The occurrence of youth sport injuries has been directly correlated to the quality of adult coaching and supervision. [Safe exercise prescription for children and adolescents, Julia MK Alleyne, MD CCFP Dip Sport Medicine]

The common threads for SRE Injury Prevention are the Parents and Coaches, because both are Caretakers and Supervisors. The parent transfers the duty of caretaker to the Coach once the SRE activity in which the Child is participating, commences. The Coach becomes the Temporary Substitute Caretaker (TSC).

The Complete Role of the Coach, Duty to Child Protection and Supervision are key to Child Athlete Not-Accidental, Preventable Injury Prevention and the Promotion of Child Athlete Safety when in custody and control of the Child Athlete follwoing transfer from the Parent. “Research may also help define the role of supervision in various settings.” The Complete Role of the Coach of SRE is Temporary Substitute Caretaker as defined in Child Abuse Prevention and Reauthorization Act 2010, Public Law111-320.

When Coaches, Parents and all citizens in the United States understand the Legal Relationship of the Coach and Child and the Legal Relationship becomes National and International Public Policy, following education and awareness, there will be a remarkable reduction in Preventable, Not-Accidental Child Athlete Injuries and Deaths.

Accountability, answerability and liability are the greatest deterrents to Unlawful Behaviors such as Injury and Death secondary to Maltreatment, Endangerment and Negligent Supervision of Children in SRE.

There is no greater love in Sports than a Caretaking Coach, who places Athlete Safety and Athlete Accomplishment 1st before their own. This Caretaking Coach wisdom results in the following:
• Team of dedicated, trusting, willing Athlete followers
• Game Victories
• Tree of Life for all Sports from the positive outcomes to Athletes

When Coaches embrace and implement Athlete Safety 1st Rules and Regulations, Child Athlete Safety and Coaching Excellence will be Promoted. The New Public Policy will be mutually beneficial to Child Athletes and Coaches.


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