It’s about the Abused Athletes, who in turn Abuse.

Coach Bear Bryant said the toughest Coach ever was Bob “Bull Cyclone” Sullivan. “Bull Cyclone” coached football as it has never been coached before or since. He worked himself and his East Mississippi Junior College players — those with the guts to stick with him — into a frenzy before every game.”

“Despite his tiny recruiting area, Sullivan’s teams almost always were title contenders.”

“I know you hear this all the time about coaches,” Buckner said, “that they get absolutely 100 per cent out of their players in every game, but I guarantee you it’s never been more true than it was with Coach Sullivan. The man was an offensive genius. He was far, far ahead of his time in the passing game. He knew everything there was to know about it.”

“Intelligent. Besides coaching football, Sullivan taught history, journalism, anthropology and sociology. He held a Master’s in sociology and anthropology from Mississippi State.”

“A master psychologist. Said Buckner, “He did a lot of crazy things, but he wasn’t crazy. All those things he did were calculated to bring every player to an emotional peak on game day.”

“Profane. Sullivan’s language was notorious. “He knew cuss words I’d never heard before,” Buckner said. “I flagged him one time for the way he cussed a player,” Potter said laughing.”

Said Charley Box, a former Scooba fullback, “At the beginning of two-a-days, people would leave in droves. They’d leave in the middle of the night so they didn’t have to face him. They’d push their cars off the campus so they didn’t wake him up.”

“People wondered why we ran out on the field so fast,” Bradbury said, chuckling. “We were trying to get away from him. We figured we were a lot safer on the field than we were in the locker room.”

“The fear ran deep. Sullivan always took a nap before the game. Players and regular students would take off their shoes when they walked by his dormitory apartment so as not to wake him.

“Coach used to have drive the bus to and from games,” Box said. “One time we played so poorly that he was just furious. He started driving and hollered that he was going to run the bus off the road and kill all of us. Some of the guys really believed him. You never knew what to believe. I know the manager believed him because he started crying and telling Coach to let him out, that he didn’t have anything to do with the way we played.”

“The Atlanta Constitution once featured Sullivan as a “Backwoods Bear Bryant.” At Scooba, fans considered Bear Bryant a more polished Bull Sullivan. Bryant was another who is said to have offered Sullivan a coaching job, but Bull wouldn’t leave Scooba. [The Legend of Bull Sullivan, Rick and Orley’s Writings, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame April 25, 2013]

Frank Deford wrote an extensive article about Robert Victor “Bull” “Cyclone” Sullivan, who coached East Mississippi Junior College in Scooba, Mississippi in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Deford described him as the toughest coach ever to coach the game of football. He was so tough he had 2 tough nicknames, “Bull” and “Cyclone”. The old tough coach said, “There are two reasons people play football,” Bull Cyclone was heard to declare. “One is love of the game. The other is out of fear. I like the second reason a helluva lot better.” He terrorized his players and they feared him.

Some have stated that Coach Bear Bryant, when he coached the Kentucky Football Wildcats, initiated a no-out-of-state-football-recruiting-policy during his tenure, as head UK Football Coach, before his departure for Texas A&M. The facts are not all in.

However, Coach Blanton Collier, Bear’s successor, recruited players outside the state of Kentucky. 1960 there were 8 Florida freshmen and more from other states. 1961 Collier recruited 16 UK Football freshmen from out of our KY state. Coach Collier, who is in the University of Kentucky Educational Hall of Fame, not sports, was a teacher of men, women and football. He placed academics and student athletes first. Collier recruited student athletes.

1961 was regarded as the best recruiting freshman class in that UK era. We had 48 freshmen, 16 from out of state, 8 High School All Americans, and 9 of the first team KY All State and others on 2nd and 3rd team. 1962 was to be a great team with much depth and talent, but Bradshaw chased everyone to other schools or academic endeavors with his tyrannical behavior. From the 1961 freshmen who transferred to other schools after “pulling out” from UK, 1961 freshmen teammates went further to LA Rams, Cowboys, Dolphins, Cleveland Browns etc.
None of the 1961 freshmen who stayed with Bradshaw’s Thin Thirty went to the pro ranks.

Our 1961 freshmen teammates, after pulling out from Coach Charlie Bradshaw’s corrupt, tyrannical program, one created after the firing of his predecessor, Coach Blanton Collier, became very successful men, in spite of their time with Bradshaw. Most “pulled out” before the 1962 season and moved on to safer circumstances.[see The Thin Thirty, by Shannon Ragland, Set Shot Press 2007]

Coach Roy Walton, Lex Tates Creek, attended our 1961 UK football class reunion because he coached some of us in the KY East West All Star Game and new many of us. He declared that pulling out of a corrupt football program like UK’s Bradshaw was not “quitting”. He called it “pulling out.”

Never, ever chastise, punish or reprimand a child for “pulling out” of a corrupt, tyrannical football program, because “pulling out” might save the football players life and/or save a child or wife’s life from Domestic Abuse from the actions of an Abused Athlete. [Bryant’s change in recruiting stance all but assured UK football mediocrity Sep 13, 2014 by Dick Gabriel]

Since Bear Bryant, the 2 winningest University of Kentucky Football coaches are Bear Bryant and Blanton Collier. Coach Blanton Collier is winningest coach against Tennessee.

• “Coach Bear Bryant coached Kentucky 1946-1953 seasons. He compiled W-60 L-23 T-5 record in 8 years. “Bryant’s 60 victories are still a UK football record for head coaches. Bryant UK W-68.18%.
• Bryant UK vs Tennessee W-1 L-5 T-2
• “Blanton Collier coached UK 8 years and compiled W-41 L-36 T-3 1954 to 1961.
• Coach Collier is the winningest coach against Tennessee W-5 L-2 T-1.
• Coach Blanton Collier Career at UK W-51.25%
• Coach Blanton Collier Career at Cleveland Browns (after UK) W-76 L-34 T-2 W-69.1% won NFL championship
• Coach Rich Brooks W- 45.3% Coach Joker Phillips W- 35.1%
Charlie Bradshaw (who followed Coach Collier at UK) won 38.6% of his games during his tenure as head University of Kentucky football coach. [Official Site University of Kentucky Wildcats]

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