“The total number of impacts to the head in a football player’s career pose a great risk to his or her future health. A study found that repeated concussions can cause later life problems including depression, difficulty in decision-making and other cognitive deficiencies.

“The researchers derived the Cumulative Head Impact Exposure Index (CHII). The average score among all participants was 7,742 impacts. The former ballers who had higher CHII scores showed more behavioral, mood and cognitive effects.

“The team established thresholds to compute the risk levels. If the total number of head hits increase from 6,500 to 12,000, the risk for developing cognitive difficulties surges 25 times.

“Boston University’s neurology professor Robert Stern said the hit numbers used in the thresholds should not be taken as magic numbers that tell a player when he or she should stop. There might be individuals who endured multiple hits earlier in their careers but are doing just fine in adult life while there could be people who suffered less but are experiencing substantial later life health problems.

“The focus of the study were the subconcussive hits, which are the blows that don’t cause concussions but are also forceful. These repetitive subconcussive hits add up tremendously,” said Stern.

“The study was released in the Journal of Neurotrauma on March 30. Further research is needed to conclude the accuracy and relevance of CHII.

See entire report: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/146567/20160402/amateur-football-hits-may-cause-later-life-difficulties.htm
[Amateur Football Hits May Cause Later Life Difficulties By Katherine Derla, Tech Times | April 2, 2016]

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