Prior to S.534: Child Sexual offenses, minors less than 18 in most states (states have jurisdiction, not FEDs), should be reported to both Child Protective Services (CPS) and the County Attorney in every state, not the FBI. The County Attorney and state law enforcement and CPS/DCBS will determine the best course of action moving forward in each state (mbmsrmd Child Abuse Recognition Education 2009 conducted by KMA, PCAK / PCAA, UofL Pediatric Forensic Pathology)

FBI delays in the Dr. Larry Nassar / Olympians cases were because someone did not know proper protocol, Reported to wrong place, FBI.

“Federal jurisdiction for rape generally is limited to those committed on Indian Tribal or federal territory, federal prison, only a few rape cases are prosecuted in the federal courts and investigated by the FBI.” [REPORT TO CONGRESS: ANALYSIS OF PENALTIES FOR FEDERAL RAPE CASES Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, Pub. L. No. 103-322, §40112, 108 Stat. 1796, 1903 (1994)]

The main problem is there have been so many reporting distractions and some have been touting the wrong methods and have failed to pound-on the Correct Laws of the Cases and Correct Reporting Methods; S.534 will finally eliminate these incorrect methods and layers and investigations by arbitrary ‘coordinators and boards’ who have been placed between the Sexually Abused Athletes and the real Criminal Justice System.. HOORAY for Sen Dianne Feinstein et al and S.534. Let us all get together and support and recommend that President Trump sign the S.534 Bill on his desk.

Once Reported Child Sexual Abuse must be diagnosed for the forensic medical-legal records (Medical Jurisprudence / Legal Medicine) and expert witness testimony. Both living and deceased Abused Children are often difficult to dianose properly. Experts are required and are not readily available. Very few doctors specialize in this field.

“Medical jurisprudence or legal medicine is the branch of science and medicine involving the study and application of scientific and medical knowledge to legal problems” i.e. Child Sexual Abuse, Child Physical and Psycholotical Abuse and a multitude of other Morbidities and Mortalities. University of Louisville has a renowned Department of Pediatric Forensic Medicine and Pathology.

“Louisville Kosair Charities Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine performs Pediatric Sexual Abuse Examination and autopsies, delivery of care and research of new treatments to include advocacy efforts for children and support and the ongoing commitment to ensure that children are free of abuse and neglect, the child abuse prevention program in Kentucky and surrounding states.”

KCDPFM has a renowned physical abuse and neglect assessment program. The formal consultation service provides medical expertise on the diagnosis, documentation and follow-up of suspected cases of child physical abuse and neglect. “The professionals in this program fight every day to end child abuse and neglect,”

“Through partnerships with community organizations, law enforcement agencies, health care providers, Child Protective Services and the Department of Justice, suspected cases of abuse and/or neglect are aggressively investigated so that the tragedy of child abuse is eliminated from Kentucky.” Kentucky has, unfortunately, led the nation in Child Abuse Deaths several years.

The KCDPFM division director, Melissa Currie, M.D., is nationally recognized for her expertise in the field. Currie was among the first group of pediatricians nationwide to be board-certified in child abuse pediatrics and Kentucky’s first board-certified child abuse pediatrician.

Dr. Currie was the lead instructor, when I was certified in 2009 in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Education (C.A.R.E.) and certified to teach physicians and staff in their community based offices recognition and reporting. Dr. Currie is a phenomenal expert.

[U-of-L renames division to Kosair Charities Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine, UofL Physicians, February 27, 2013]

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