This is a sad, but necessary subject to address.

Coaches, athletes and the entire athletic community encounter new immigrants to the United States from foreign lands. Well intentioned, new immigrants can be tremendous assets to the U.S., sports programs and communities. As with every socio-cultural system there are upsides and downsides.

Recently, murderous terrorists have been able to blend into societies, work and participate in sports, recreation and exercise (SRE) unknown to everyone. Is knowledge of their coexistence in U.S. athletic communities, on teams and participating in games important? Because murderous terrorism is executed by terrorists in highly populated venues, the answer is yes.

Definition of ghettoize: “To place or collect in a ghetto; new immigrants tend to ghettoize in certain regions.”

The etymology of Ghetto is speculated to derive from: Yiddish “deed of separation;” from Venetian Jewish getto; a clipped form of Egitto “Egypt,” from Latin Aegyptus (exile); or Italian borghetto “small section of a town”; crowded urban quarters of other minority groups in U.S. cities or regions. [Wikipedia]

Ghettoizing Stages for every ethnic group:

With the objective for the peaceful right to subsist and practice their religious preference
1. Migration begins with a small initial legal immigration to a soft, receptive area followed by
2. Increasing population presence
3. Traditional cultural Indigenous commerce
4. Religious authority and institutionalization
5. Welcomed by most citizens and governments needing immigrants

But when the objective from the outset or in transition from the peaceful ghetto formation becomes
1. Occupation, conquest and religious proliferation for superiority
2. There ensues radical, violent terrorist and/or military infiltration
3. to overthrow and conquer the country’s existing government
4. to overthrow and conquer the freedom to practice religious preference
5. NOT Welcomed by citizens and governments needing immigrants

The troubling problems with immigrant terrorism are not the answers, but the questions. Why, in our 2016 civilized society….5,000 years after the first organized religions began and morality was encouraged and organized….must we ask? How is the mindful objective of each and every immigrant determined?

One presidential primary candidate stated that we must cease immigration from territories with populations with high numbers of known terrorists until we “figure it out”. Doctors, clinicians and scientists usually prefer a diagnosis prior to a treatment, as we prefer for our own health, why not the health of our county?

Shouldn’t we look before we leap Kermit?

Well, unknown to most governmental authorities, Terrorism is a medical matter, substantiated by 155 new diagnostic codes for Terrorism in the newly revised ICD-10 2015/2016 codes in effect since Oct. 1, 2015. “A press release from the University of California, San Francisco on “UCSF Experts on War- and Terrorism-Related Topics” listed “doctors, clinicians and scientists who can provide expert information on health, medical, and scientific topics related to war and terrorism.” [Terrorism is a Medical Matter,]

But what governmental officials and presidential candidates have contacted “doctors, clinicians and scientists, who can provide expert information on terrorism?” Since all the other candidates and current governments geniuses do not concur, probably none and only one candidate asks for a diagnosis first.

Upon receiving refugee status by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)

• Persons are referred by the UNHRC for resettlement in a 3rd country ie US
• where they will be given legal resident status
• and eventually be able to apply for citizenship

• the application is processed by Resettlement Support Center, which gathers information about the candidate to prepare for an intensive screening process, which includes:
1. interview
2. medical evaluation and should now (* include a newly added Structured Clinical Interview (SCI) designed and conducted by mental health professionals ruling out Terrorism as defined by the ICD-10 diagnostic Codes.)
3. interagency security screening process aimed at ensuring the refugee does not pose a threat to the United States and should now (* include a newly added Structured Clinical Interview (SCI) designed and conducted by mental health professionals ruling out Terrorism as defined by the ICD-10 diagnostic Codes.)
4. average processing time for refugees is 18 to 24 months
5. Syrian applications can take significantly longer because of security concerns and difficulties in verifying their information and newly proposed SCI from ICD-10s.
6. In the newly adopted 2015/16 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes, there are 155 diagnostic codes involving Terrorism. They range from Y38.1X3S, Terrorism involving destruction of aircraft, terrorist injured, sequela, to Y38.2, Terrorism involving other explosions and fragments. The ICD-10 are more complete than the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), that can be used adjunctively.

All above information is from UN Refugee Agency except (*Proposal by mbmsrmd)

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