I. Respect

Coaches have a legal duty, moral responsibility and ethical obligation to protect Athlete Safety 1st and all Athlete Human Rights. Coaches should be compassionate and exhibit the highest caring and humane treatment of their Athletes; regard and recognize the human dignity of their Athletes. Coaches must pay attention and understand Athletes’ human value and dutifully respect the human life of their Athletes.

“Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.”

Primum non nocere – “First do no harm to human life.”

II. Responsibility

Coaches have an responsibility for oversight for the Physical, Psychological (Emotional) well being of their Athletes during the administration of their coaching duties. Coaches must develop and implement ethical coaching policies and standards of Safety 1st.

Coaches are accountable and hold an important position and fiduciary duty of trust by athletes and have a designated authority for the proper care of their athletes.

The Core of Coaching is Trust, earned form ethical coaching.

III. Positive Relationships

Coaches should develop a positive relationship with their Athletes and develop an excellent level of mutual understanding, confidence and trust with good interpersonal communication.

By devoting special time for each Athlete, learning about each Athlete’s ambitions, abilities and skills and then by devoting personal time and interest, while developing individual plans and techniques for each Athlete’s individualized execution and improvement of performance, the Coach will develop a positive relationship with each Athlete. Developing a positive relationship with each Athlete is fundamental to individual and team play.

IV. Recognition

Coaches should acknowledge and recognize Athletes when they accomplish their goals and execute their performance plans well. Special one-on-one notice and complementary attention to the Athlete will enhance the trust for the Coach and motivate the Athlete. A pat on the back or the butt goes a long way recognizing Athlete accomplishments.

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