In 1940 there were only 5 major bowl games i.e. Rose, Orange, Sugar, Sun, and Cotton Bowls. In 1980 when cable TV and networks like ESPN began, 15 bowls began. With more national sites and increased revenue, bowls growth exploded. [Wikipedia]

“The belief that college sports are a financial boon to colleges and universities is generally misguided. Although some big-time college sports athletic departments are self-supporting, more often than not, the colleges and universities are subsidizing athletics, not the other way around.

“In fact, student fees or institutional subsidies (coming from tuition, state appropriations, endowments, or other revenue generating activities on campus) often support even the largest NCAA Division I college sports programs.

“Athletic departments spend far more per athlete than institutions spend to educate the average student—typically three to six times as much; among Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions, median athletic spending was nearly $92,000 per athlete in 2010, while median academic spending per full-time equivalent (FTE) student was less than $14,000 in these same universities.” [Delta Cost Project, American Institutes for Research, January 2013]

Many have criticized this growth in the “football industry”. They claim the number of games has minimized the significance of most bowl games and relentless greed has diminished the relevance of student Athletes. Others say the increased revenue for schools is very positive development.

Nobody loves football better than I do, but I do not love how it has changed: Nowadays, American college football is money driven. Its not about clean cut, play by the rules, interscholastic competition. It’s win at all costs. Money is crucial for survival, not just a bonus and an amenity of the game.

Money, now, is not expendable, but Athletes are. Traditional college football did not begin as a market place. Football and Athletes were not commodities and Athletes were not disposable goods.

“To the victors belong the spoils.” Now American college football is part of the “Spoils System”: loot, corruption, fraud, bribery, pillage and plunder. Although few mascots are pigs.

Football Scores 9/21/2013:
Ohio State 76-Florida A&M 0, Louisville 72-Florida International 0, Washington 56-Idoho State 0, Baylor 70-Louisiana-Monroe 7, Florida State 54-Bethune-Cookman 6, Miami FL 77-Savannah State 7, UCLA 59-New Mexico State 13, Iowa 59-Western Michigan 3, Syracuse 52-Tulane 17, Nebraska 59-South Dakota State 20, Virginia 49-VMI 0, Mississippi State 62-Troy 7, Alabama 31-Colorado State 6

When winning isn’t everything, its the only thing, and revenue is the skeleton for winning, Sports Violence, Athlete Abuse, Injuries and Deaths and the ruination of the Student Athlete philosophy are not far behind. What is the point?……Money.

In my day, these lopsided games and scores were unethical.

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