This reporter’s focus was drawn to a basketball program that had recently come under fire for what appeared to be a ‘walkout’ by both Athletes and Coaches. After due consideration, what follows is an analysis of the typical faults that result in the demise of a Sports, Recreation or Exercise (SRE) program.

This reporter arrived at this life’s juncture from 8 corners of our fields of knowledge. The 8 Corners in my Curriculum Vitae, Sport, Professional and Work History make me uniquely qualified to discuss Child (<18) and Youth (18-24) Athlete Abuse Syndrome (CAAS).

1.Medical Doctor: General Practice in Medicine, Emergency Room Medicine, Board Certified in Ophthalmology / Eye Surgery
2.U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corp, 810 Hospital Unit, 1972-1978
3.Advocate for the Prevention of Child and Adult Physical, Psychological and Sexual Athlete Abuse and Athlete Safety 1st
Presentation: The Forensic Definition of “Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome, A New Disease” April 29, 2011, Micheal B. Minix, Sr., M.D., at the Athlete Abuse Summit, Omni Parker House, Boston, MA. This was the first public conference report of the definition
Testified before the KY House Education Committee for House Bill 383, which passed and became KY state law, as requested by Rep Joni Jenkins, Louisville, Directing the Kentucky Board of Education to require high school coaches to complete a sports safety course, receive training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and many other Athlete Safety 1st measures
4.5.C.A.R.E. (Child Abuse Recognition Education, sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, PCAK, and Department of Pediatric Forensic Pathology, University of Louisville, Kentucky Medical Association) certified to teach other physicians and their office staff in their office about the recognition of Child Abus
5.Hall of Fame High School, D-1 SEC scholarship football Athlete
6.Victim of Athlete Cruelty and Abuse during the Football Program under Head Coach Charlie Bradshaw University of Kentucky 1962, who was later penalized by NCAA
7.Past Coach, manager and administrator Child school and non-school football, baseball, and basketball and Athletic Administrative Experience and Board of Directors, professional minor league baseball team
8.High School Football Team Physician

This reporter, from his 8 corners of knowledge, knows how Athlete Maltreatment, Abuse and Corruption of a athletic programs emerge, transpire and are covered up.

Fortunately, only ~20% on estimate of each profession of Coaches, Doctors, teachers, lawyers, judges, prison guards, day care employees, etc. are corrupt and or mentally ill. That’s bad enough and might be underestimated. No profession is perfect, because perfection is impossible on all fronts. Humans are animals.

“What goes around comes around” for a corrupt Coach and his SRE program, an ole sage might offer. ‘Winning at All Costs to the Athletes’ is the problem and is characterized by the following mistakes and if any or all of the ‘shoes fit’ the Coach should were them.

• The Coach is a bully and pushes and punishes the Athletes beyond their physical and psychological limitations.
• Yells and screams continuously negative, derogatory comments
• Complains, explains and blames the Athletes for losses because they aren’t ‘tough enough’
• Cheats by increasing Athletes’ allowed SRE participation time
• Physically over-practices them, over-uses their mental and physical capabilities
• Relentless defensive side-to-side slide practice torqueing hips, knees, ankles and planter fasciae
• Punishes failed execution after Athletes’ 100% effort
• Is medically negligent and insists Athlete play through severe injuries, not just hurts
• Postpones medical and surgical intervention for continued Athlete playing and practicing time
• Influences medial doctors’ and trainers’ decisions for return to practice and/or game play after severe injury and medical personnel themselves become medically negligent
• Doctors and trainers enable medical negligence
• Athletic Directors and supervisors deceptively “turn a blind eye” to medical negligence of Athletes
• Lacking trust, Athletes go out of system for second medical opinions and surgical procedures against the Coach and program’s rules
• Coach earns his/her bad reputation
• SRE program reputation plummets
• Rumor of an NCAA pending investigation can precipitate a mass exodus
• Athletes ’pull-out’ and recruits turn elsewhere
• ‘Pulling-out’ might save an Athlete’s life and/or a lifetime of chronic disability
• ‘Pulling-out’ is never quitting a corrupt SRE program
• When Assistant Coaches depart the program, at the same time, corruptions above and beyond Athlete maltreatment, must be entertained
• Athletes often trade ‘The Code of Silence’ for complete release from their commitments, so they can re-commit elsewhere
• ‘The Code of Silence’ by those who ‘pull-out’ is brutally detrimental to the safety, health and well-being of future Athletes who commit-to and/or, unknowingly, enter a corrupt SRE program

No Coach, who is negligent and/or abusive to Athletes should be allowed to continue ‘win-at-all-costs’ cruelty to Athletes. Of course, every Coach of a program in turmoil is innocent until proven guilty, but if the shoe fits a suspected negligent and/or abusive Coach, he/she should wear it, when he/she is asked to depart the SRE program. One book about “A Thin Thirty is enough.

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