Youth Baseball has begun. Coaches FYI:

As in any profession and occupation i.e Coach, Doctor, Lawyer, Clergy, Teacher, Boy Scout Leader, Camp Director etc., “a few bad apples spoil the lot”.

Its usually 10% to 20%, who manifest bad behavior. This post is directed at that minority, but its for the Awareness of everyone.

Coaches, remember, you are “Temporary, Substitute Caretakers’ according to the law, when Coaching Children less than 18 in School and Non-School Sports, Recreation and Exercise (SRE).

Permission to Participate signatures by Parents and Guardians do NOT protect Coaches from Child Abuse, Assault and Battery, Gross Negligence and Human Rights violations charges in SRE.

• PEMISSION TO PARTICIPATE IS NOT GRANTED by the Youth and Adult Athlete FOR THESE RISKS that are NOT Inherent to the games they PLAY

• The Parent, Guardian and Participant do not waive or release claims based upon unlawful endangerment, maltreatment and abusive misconduct by the Coach

• Preventable, Non-Accidental Injuries are Injuries, Deaths, Human Rights Violations and Sexual Abuse not inherent or natural to the games that were/are played.

• “the duty owed athletes takes the form of giving adequate instruction in the activity, supplying proper equipment, making a reasonable selection or matching of participants, providing non-negligent supervision of the particular contest, and taking proper post-injury procedures to guard against aggravation of injuries. [Leahy v. School Board, 450 So.2nd 883, (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1984)]”

• “Several other courts have defined the duty of care owed by coaches and high schools to student-athletes. In Kahn v. East Side Union High School District, 75 P.3rd 30, (Cal. 2003), the court stated that a coach will breach his duty to a student-athlete if the coach “intentionally injures the student or engages in conduct that is reckless in the sense that it is ‘totally outside the range of the ordinary activity’ involved in teaching or coaching the sport.”

• “Coaches must provide proper supervision, training, and instruction. Coaches should take measures to ensure that players follow the rules of the game in an effort to avoid injuries. Coaches must warn against all known dangers or dangers that should have or could have been discovered in the exercise of reasonable care. In addition, coaches must supervise their players in proportion to how dangerous the activity is. The more dangerous the sport, the greater the responsibility the coach bears.”

• “In addition, coaches may be found liable if an injured player was not provided with the proper protective and safety equipment and, even further, the coach must see to it that the athlete was properly instructed as to the appropriate use of this equipment. A coach must also see that the equipment is properly maintained so that its effectiveness is maximized.”

• “A coach may never be free from all potential theories of liability, but a coach can protect himself or herself by using reasonable care and ensuring that athletes under his or her supervision are fully prepared, and protected, before stepping foot on the field or court” [Assessing a Coach’s Liability for Injury to the Student-Athlete By Robert J. Romano, Esq.]

Coaches, bone-up. Protect Children and yourselves (Coaches) in SRE. Tell your buddies. Please share this FYI with your friends.

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Report Child Abuse.

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